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6 Reasons Women Truck Drivers Have Tripled In Numbers

More and more women are choosing to become truck drivers with the percentage of those in the industry tripling over the last 15 years. There are many reasons for this, but the most common one is that women are looking for a profession that offers them financial stability and independence.

Truck driving is a great career choice for women because it provides these things and more! In this blog post, we will discuss some of the reasons why more female motor carriers are choosing to enter this profession. We will also talk about the training and certification requirements for becoming a truck driver. So if you’re interested in learning more, keep reading!

1. Truck driving provides financial stability and independence

Women have made great strides in the workforce over the past few decades, but they still face many challenges. One of the most significant is the gender pay gap, which leaves women at a financial disadvantage compared to men.

But there is one profession where women can earn equal pay to their male counterparts: truck driving. Truck drivers are in high demand, and women who enter the field can enjoy the same earning potential as men. In addition, truck driving offers a great deal of flexibility, which is especially beneficial for women who are juggling work and family responsibilities.

With more women entering the field, the trucking industry is changing for the better. And as more women become financially independent, they will be able to assert their rights and fight for equality in all aspects of their lives.

2. It offers growth and advancement opportunities

Truck driving is a great career choice for women who are looking for opportunities for growth and advancement. Unlike many other professions, truck driving offers women the chance to earn a good living while also enjoying a high degree of freedom and flexibility.

It also provides women with the opportunity to see the country and meet new people. As the trucking industry continues to grow, there will be even more opportunities for women to find success as truck drivers. With the right training and commitment, any woman can become a successful truck driver. And it can open doors outside of the truck as well with many companies valuing experienced truck drivers.

3. It is a growing industry

The Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates that in 2020 there were over 1.9 million truck drivers in the US alone. The industry is keeping pace with average job growth of 6 percent annually. That is just north of 100,000 new jobs every year. The trucking industry’s growth means there are more opportunities for women to become truck drivers.

We’ve mentioned financial stability in passing, but, to put this in perspective, BLS notes that just the median pay for the trucking industry is around $49,100. However, high performers (top 10 percent) often earn over $72,000 per year. It’s a merit-based system that truly rewards those who want to push it.

4. Truck drivers receive good pay and benefits

Compared to the median annual US salary of $41,500, truckers are doing about 20 percent above the average. That makes it a respectable profession, making it even more appealing when you factor in the benefits that many truck drivers may qualify for when they get on at companies like JB Hunt, Walmart, and ArcBest, to name a few.

Women have long suffered the “healthcare penalty” when it comes to medical insurance, so being able to find an employer to help level the playing field carries with it a tremendous benefit. Top companies also offer vision, dental, and retirement savings advantages.

5. The work is challenging and interesting

Truck driving can be a rewarding and interesting career for women. The challenge of driving a big rig across the country is appealing, and the opportunity to see new places scratches the travel itch pretty nicely. Truck driving can also offer women the chance to be their own bosses and set their own hours.

6. It is a recession-proof profession

Trucking is a recession-proof profession because it’s vital to the transport that allows goods and services to get an economy moving again. It’s the first line of defense in jumpstarting a stagnant economy.

As we come out of the current economic hardships, there will be even more opportunities for women truck drivers as businesses scramble to get their products to market. If you’re looking for a career that will offer stability and opportunity, then truck driving is a great choice.

Trucking may not be the first profession that comes to mind, but more and more women are thinking about it as a viable means to the lives they deserve. With numbers three times higher than what they were at the start of the millennium, the outlook is bright. For more news that matters to the industry and your fleet, check out some of our other posts.

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