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As the manager or owner of a trucking company that frequently routes through our area, you know how important it is to have a Joliet truck and trailer repair service at your beck and call.  Keeping semi-trucks and trailers in good working order is essential. 

When equipment fails, you can experience a variety of inconveniences that range from higher repair costs to lost revenue. Read on as we explore some of the major issues that arise as a result of faulty heavy-duty equipment so you can be better prepared to prevent them in the future. Things like: 

Unplanned Expenses 

The most obvious consequence of faulty heavy-duty equipment is an increase in unplanned expenses. When your truck breaks down or malfunctions due to an unexpected issue, it could cost thousands of dollars in repairs. 

This may not seem like much if you only have one truck, but if you run a fleet then these costs can quickly add up. Additionally, these costs don’t factor in any potential losses caused by missed deliveries or delays due to the breakdowns, not to mention the reputational damage.

In fact, it can rapidly chip away at your credibility as a reliable transportation service. Having knowledgeable mechanics inspect the fleet on a regular basis and instituting scheduled maintenance to pre-empt issues can prevent potential disasters in the form of unreliable trucks on the road, missed delivery dates, and costs associated with replacing damaged parts.

By making sure that all essential components are working correctly at all times, a trucking company’s reputation will remain intact—allowing them to keep their customers and drivers happy.

Lost Time 

Time is money—especially when it comes to running a business. Even minor issues with semi-trucks and trailers can cause significant delays that lead to missed deadlines and missed opportunities for income. 

These delays can also cause problems with customer service as well as reputation damage if customers are unable to receive their goods on time. Furthermore, trucks that are frequently sidelined for repairs will require additional maintenance and inspections which requires more time spent on upkeep rather than driving jobs directly related to income generation. 

Poor Fuel Economy 

Faulty semi-trucks and trailers can have an impact on fuel economy as well. Poorly maintained vehicles consume more fuel than well-maintained ones which results in increased operating costs over time due to higher fuel prices or lower miles per gallon (MPG). 

It’s easy enough to overlook this issue since MPG isn’t usually tracked until after your vehicle has already been serviced or repaired; however, tracking MPG trends over time can help identify underlying mechanical issues that might otherwise go unnoticed until they become too costly or dangerous to ignore. 

Additionally, the trucking industry, and your place within it, can benefit greatly from investments in efficient fuel economy. Improvements to your fleet’s green initiatives demonstrate good stewardship and corporate responsibility, injecting fresh energy into your brand. 

Most importantly, it can help you save money on fuel expenses in the long term. Even small changes, like enabling cruise control or programming routes to minimize miles, can have an appreciable impact when applied fleet-wide. Put bluntly, if managed properly, you’ll spend less on gas and make more money overall due to decreased operational costs. 

As a bonus, adopting these strategies could qualify fleets for emissions tax credits in many states. All of this combined makes for a rocking return on investment that no company should ignore. Make smart decisions now and move into the green future with confidence. Our Joliet truck and trailer repair service can offer helpful operational advice to aid you and your drivers in getting more from your equipment at each stop along the way. 

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There are many inconveniences associated with faulty heavy-duty equipment such as unplanned expenses, lost time due to breakdowns or malfunctions, and poor fuel economy due to inefficient maintenance practices or worn-out parts and equipment. 

By understanding these inconveniences ahead of time, trucking companies can be better prepared for any potential issues that may arise and make sure their semi-trucks and trailers remain safe and reliable on the road for years to come!

A great partner who understands your trucks and trailers inside and out can keep you on the road to success. Make sure that you keep our full-service Joliet truck and trailer repair shop at the top of your contacts list whenever your drivers are coming through the area. We would love to see you and help out in any way possible.

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