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Two-Truck Fleet Maintenance Agreement

If you’ve worked with J&A Fleet in Channahon, Morris, Joliet, Gardner, or Shorewood, Illinois– you know we provide top-tier services at a fair rate. Our team pulls everything from light-duty trucks to semis out of ditches. We also provide roadside assistance and mobile repairs. However, our most useful service for commercial vehicles is our two-truck maintenance agreement.

Unfortunately, if your company relies on fleet vehicles to carry out most of your daily work, the vehicles are more likely to sustain a lot of wear and tear. This makes them more susceptible to breakdowns as they age. The good news is that J&A Fleet Repair has deduced a way of preventing mechanical issues from arising and preventing delays.

The Benefits of Fleet Vehicle Maintenance

Fleet maintenance is important because it keeps your vehicles on the road, allowing drivers to make timely deliveries. It’s also nice because you can avoid angry calls from customers wondering what’s taking you so long. 

Aside from enjoying less downtime, you’ll also get more out of your investment because our expert fleet mechanics can keep company trucks operational for hundreds of thousands of miles. Most fleet vehicles are ready to give up the ghost at 90,000-120,000 miles. But if you sign up with us at around 50,000 miles, you’ll still be cruising even after your odometer hits a six-figure number. Our customers love this service because we’re reliable and less downtime means more profits.

What Does the Two-Truck Maintenance Agreement Include

J&A’s fleet maintenance program includes all preventive maintenance consumables including the inspection, parts, and repairs. Preventive maintenance is great for keeping things like spark plugs, wheel bearings, suspension, oil, fluid, brake calipers, alternators, fuel filters, and anything that touches a grease point operational. 

The great thing about this subscription maintenance service is that for just $800/month, you can get unlimited parts and labor for any issue our technicians come across during their inspection. The only exclusions are total overhauls and electronics repairs, which we’re still happy to perform outside of the regular maintenance agreement. 

J&A Two-Truck fleet Maintenance

Ideally, we want to see your fleet vehicle in our shop once a month for an inspection and regular maintenance to keep your drivers safe and on the road longer. While we’re changing out your long-haul vehicle’s oil, we’ll also check your car and look for anything that could go wrong with the vehicle in the next 30 days. Our mechanics will assess your car for anything the DOT would look for ensuring your drivers don’t run into delays when they stop for DOT inspections.

Is Your Fleet Just Getting Started?

Every fleet has to start somewhere. Some national trucking companies have hundreds of trucks passing through Illinois that need J&A’s fleet for some quick maintenance. However, there are also small, family-owned businesses in the area that might just have one medium-duty truck right now as they save up to grow their fleet. We’re here to help those customers too. That’s why we also offer a $400/month preventive maintenance consumable where our Channahon mechanics will check everything that makes your company vehicle safe and driveable. This includes things like oil, belts, brakes, and all of the other essential parts of a commercial vehicle. 

Fleet Maintenance Services in Will County

The team at J&A Fleet specializes in medium-duty, heavy-duty, and semi-truck repairs and maintenance. Although, we employ a full staff of talented mechanics with an array of specialized skills. Check them out here! As for your general maintenance services, any member of the J&A Fleet team would be honored to keep your vehicle on the road and help keep company productivity high. Feel free to contact us today for more information about the two-truck maintenance agreement and our preventative maintenance consumable services. J&A Fleet Repairs services are dedicated to finding the right upkeep solution to keep your vehicle running well past its prime on a budget. Make sure to ask us about our deals, maintenance exclusions, and how your vehicle can join the J&A Fleet maintenance program even after you hit 150,000 miles.

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