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Road Squad Horror Stories: 5 Reasons You May Want to Trust Another Road Service With Your Maintenance

Is TA Road Squad really that bad?

That’s the question many truckers are asking after reading reports of poor service and unprofessionalism. Some drivers have even gone so far as to call Road Squad a “total scam.” So is it time to switch to another road service? Or is this just a case of a few bad apples? Let’s have a closer look.

1. Road Squad is expensive

Complaints against Road Squad are nothing new. But if you check with various trucker forums across the web, you might notice a pronounced uptick. The average price for a service call is $200, which can add up quickly if you have multiple breakdowns in a year.

And even if you have Road Squad coverage, according to some critics, there’s no guarantee that they’ll be able to fix your problem on the spot. In some cases, they’ll need to tow your truck to a nearby shop, which can tack on added expenses.

If you’re thinking about signing up for Road Squad, it’s important to weigh the pros and cons carefully. Is the expense giving you adequate peace of mind, or should you be shopping around for better service?

2. Road Squad is often unresponsive

One of the most frustrating things for a truck driver is when they have a breakdown and Road Squad is unresponsive. Road Squad is a service that is supposed to help truck drivers when they have a problem, but often they are unresponsive to driver complaints.

This can leave drivers stranded on the side of the road for hours, waiting for help that may never come. In addition, Road Squad often fails to provide adequate compensation for repairs, leaving drivers out of pocket for expensive repairs, some truckers have noted.

As a result, many are reluctant to use Road Squad and prefer to rely on their own resources. This can be a costly mistake, as there are better services out there that can provide assistance in a timely manner.

3. Road Squad can be unreliable

As anyone who has been trucking for a while knows, TA Road Squad is often unreliable when it comes to diagnosing and fixing issues or even doing the most basic of routine maintenance. A simple Google search will reveal countless horror stories from truckers who have had to wait for hours – sometimes even days – for Road Squad to show up.

Then, when they do show up, the driver is told that there isn’t anything that can be done to help. In many cases, the problem is then left unresolved, leaving the trucker better off dealing with the issues on their own.

Even when Road Squad does manage to fix the problem, it’s often only a temporary solution that doesn’t hold up for long. As a result, many truckers have come to view Road Squad as more of a hindrance than a help.

4. Road Squad doesn’t always have the necessary parts and tools to do the job

According to one trucker, “I’ve seen them come out to change a tire with nothing more than a lug nut wrench and a hammer.” Another complained of Road Squad not requiring a special tool to pull a nail from a tire that the driver had to handle with a set of pliers he had in his vehicle.

In other words, TA Road Squad may not always have the right tools on hand to do the job. This can be frustrating for drivers who are expecting professional assistance and instead find themselves waiting for hours or even having to call another service.

In addition, TA Road Squad has been known to give incorrect advice, leaving drivers stranded or in danger. As a result, it is important for drivers to research roadside assistance services before they find themselves in need of one.

5. Road Squad may not be qualified to do the work

TA Road Squad mechanics may be inexperienced or not qualified to handle a specific type of repair, some truckers have complained. One referred to them as not true mechanics but “parts changers.”

A growing sentiment exists in the industry that they make matters worse in many cases. This can be a major problem when you end up waiting for hours or even days for a qualified mechanic to come and fix the problem.

A parked truck is one that doesn’t earn money. Therefore, it’s important to research TA Road Squad before you use their services so that you know what to expect. Otherwise, you may end up being stuck with an inexperienced or unqualified mechanic who could cause more problems than they solve.

While not all experiences with TA Road Squad will be the same, there are enough horror stories circulating in our industry to give any reasonable trucker or trucking company pause about using their services. Fortunately, J&A Fleet Services is here to help.

We have worked on many different trucks and issues, and possess the certifications to prove it. If you need emergency roadside assistance on your terms, we’re the people to call. Let us know how we can help today!

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