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Mobile Semi Truck Repair Minooka, Illinois

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J&A Fleet Maintenance offers full-service semi-truck repair to the Minooka, Illinois area. Our certified mechanics provide high-quality repairs and maintenance services for all makes and models of semi-trucks. We offer a variety of services, from scheduled maintenance and oil changes to engine and transmission repairs. We also offer a full range of parts and accessories to keep your semi-truck running smoothly. Our team of experienced mechanics are committed to providing the best service and repair for your semi-truck.

Expert Semi Truck Repair Specialists in Minooka, Illinois

Is your semi truck experiencing some technical issues? Does your trailer need maintenance? Well, lucky for you J&A Fleet Maintenance is just around the corner. We have been servicing Minooka, Illinois, and surrounding areas with semi truck repairs for many years. Our team offers a wide variety of services, from hazmat cleanup to roadside assistance. We can fix any issue your truck or trailer is experiencing, and we offer mobile services! Our goal is to get your vehicle back on the road as soon as possible, and we have the equipment and skills to fulfil it.

Mobile Truck Services

What sets us apart? We come right to you. Our certified technicians can fix all sorts of problems on-site, such as:

  • Lockouts
  • Electronic diagnostics
  • Engine repairs
  • Freeze ups
  • Refueling
  • Water pump repairs
  • Battery jump starts 
  • Suspension system repair
  • AC and heating
  • Transmission, clutch, and differential repairs

We offer heavy-duty and semi-truck mobile repairs for anyone in the 75-mile radius. We will try everything we can to fix the problem on-site and avoid the expenses and time of towing it to our shop. However, if it needs to be transformed over, we have the equipment to tow it too.

Honesty and Fair Pricing

J&A Fleet Maintenance upholds honesty and trustworthiness. We ensure that our pricing is fair for our customers. Unfortunately, it is very common to hear about truck repair companies that scam customers out of their money. For example, instead of fixing the truck they damage another part that now needs work done too. Or, they tell their clients that more services are needed to repair the problem when it isn’t true.

You don’t have to worry about that with us. We value your trust, which is why we do the job ethically and responsibly. We will never overcharge you, or add financial misery to your already stressful situation. Afterall, we are your business partner. We are here to help you succeed in your deliveries, not impede you.

Semi Truck and Load Shift Towing: Safe and Secure Transport

If your semi truck has been in an accident or needs major repairs, it may not be possible to fix it on-site. That’s when you need our semi truck and load shift towing services. Our heavy-duty tow trucks are equipped to safely and securely transport your truck to our repair facility, where our expert technicians will get to work diagnosing and repairing the issue. We also offer load shift towing services, which are essential for correcting imbalanced loads that could cause serious safety issues on the road.

Mobile Repairs

If your semi truck suffers a breakdown while on the road, it’s crucial to have a repair company that offers on-site services, such as J&A Fleet. This is where our mobile repair services come into play. Our team of proficient technicians possess the necessary expertise and equipment to quickly diagnose and fix a wide variety of issues right where you are. Regardless of your location, we’ll arrive promptly and work diligently to get your truck back on the road in no time.

J&A Fleet Maintenance at Minooka, Illinois

J&A Fleet Maintenance offers comprehensive truck and trailer services for your vehicle or fleet in Minooka, Illinois. Our skilled technicians are able to work on your truck regardless of the make or model. We offer timely repairs because we know how valuable your time is. Our technicians are equipped with the latest and greatest technologies and techniques in heavy-duty truck repairs. Get in touch with us today, to learn more about the services we offer. Let’s give your truck or fleet the maintenance it deserves.

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