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Are your commercial trucks struggling to keep up on long-haul trips and service jobs? Is your vehicle getting bad gas mileage, making sounds, or breaking down all of the time? These are all problems that J&A Fleet Maintenance in Wilmington can help alleviate. We are a full-service fleet maintenance, welding, fleet repair, and hazmat cleanup shop that also performs road services for maximum convenience and minimal downtime. All of our fleet mechanics are experienced and certified to provide the best fleet repairs and maintenance around. Each has years of experience and a desire to help both local and national service companies thrive. Rest assured, when you entrust J&A Fleet with your company vehicle’s you’ll spend more time on the road and less money on costly repairs. 

Wide Variety Of Top-Quality Services 

J&A Fleet Maintenance is Wilmington’s preferred semi truck repair service provider and roadside repair specialist. We have a team of vehicle experts dedicated to maintaining commercial service vehicles, semi-trucks, and other company vehicles. 

J&A Fleet Maintenance provides a variety of reliable truck repair and trailer repair services in Wilmington, Illinois. Our shop is also filled to the brim with the best equipment and expert mechanics to service mid-sized and heavy-duty trucks. 

But you don’t have to drive up to our shop to get amazing truck repair services. Let us come to you! We don’t just provide roadside assistance, we specialize in roadside repairs. 

J&A Fleet will happily meet you wherever you are to perform on-site fleet maintenance, automotive repair, hazmat cleanup, roadside assistance, heavy-duty truck and semi towing, and engine and transmission repair. Let us save you money and time by saving you the trip to our shop. However, if you would prefer to drop your rig by our shop, that’s fine too! Once we’re done with all of the repairs, we’ll drop it off wherever you need it. 

Welding And Fabrication

If your company vehicle has been in a wreck recently, you need to get repairs done ASAP. Fortunately, our expert welders can melt most metal components back together, making your commercial truck safe for the road once again. J&A Fleet’s commercial mechanics can replace the vehicle’s frame, remove damaged parts, and our experienced welders can melt everything back together again. 

We also offer wheel and fender welding. Our fabrication services include machining, saw cutting, powder coating, and laser cutting. If you want to modify your truck or repair it after a collision, J&A Fleet Repair Wilmington has you covered.

Semi Truck Services in Wilmington

A fleet is more than one vehicle purchased or leased by a business in order to perform its daily operations. When you have three or four trucks to take care of, you don’t want to leave it up to yourself. It can get overwhelming very quickly, especially when repairs are needed on more than one truck. Our preventative maintenance will ensure that they are all in top shape year-round to prevent expensive and extensive repairs.

Road Services Around Wilmington, Illinois

Stranded by the side of the road and stressing out about a deadline. Well, don’t. J&A Fleet Maintenance is here and ready to help. We provide roadside repairs to get commercial trucks back on the road and drivers onto their next job without long, drawn-out delays. When we get your call, we dispatch heavy-duty truck technicians right away to meet you wherever you’re at. After a quick assessment, they’ll determine the problem and get started on repairs to minimize your overall downtime. Some of the road services we get called out to perform most often include:

  • Lockouts
  • Electronic diagnostics
  • Water pump repairs
  • Freeze ups
  • Jump starts
  • Towing
  • Engine repairs

Wilmington Fleet Repairs and Road Services

J&A Fleet is the preferred commercial vehicle repair shop in Wilmington, Illinois. We’re fast, honest, reliable, and ethical and the companies we work with know they can trust us to get the job done right with minimal downtime. If you’re ever stranded on the side of the road or you’re a fleet manager looking to reduce roadside repairs, give J&A Fleet a call. We’ll keep your fleet in great shape and operational for years to come.

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