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A 24/7 roadside repair service in Morris, IL can be of great convenience to your company when you’re moving freight through the area. That’s especially true because semi-truck breakdowns happen all the time and, seemingly, when you least expect it. 

They can be costly, time-consuming, and inconvenient. Keeping your truck on the road is an essential part of running a successful business, so knowing the most common causes of semi-truck breakdowns and how to prevent them is key.

Our 24/7 roadside repair service in Morris is here to help. We can get back on the road quickly when they happen, but first, here is some insight of what to watch out for if you’re on the verge of experiencing one. 

What Causes Semi-Truck Breakdowns? 

There are many reasons why a semi-truck may break down, but the most common are due to lubrication issues, fuel problems, electrical problems, or cooling system issues. We are about to dive into each of these in a little more detail.

Before we do, however, it’s important to note what you should expect so you can take preventative measures whenever possible. This can mean routing the truck to your own shop or one of our physical locations for a scheduled service. But even if you can’t prevent it, keep our 24/7 roadside repair service in Morris on-hand as you travel through our area.

Lubrication Issues

Lubrication issues can cause major problems for semi-trucks if they are not taken care of promptly. Some common signs that an issue may be arising include increased noise from the engine or grinding sounds when shifting gears. If caught early enough, lubrication issues can often be fixed by simply adding more lubricants or replacing old ones with fresh ones. However, if ignored or left too long without attention, this could lead to engine failure and extensive repairs that will take much longer to fix. 

Fuel Problems 

Fuel problems are another common cause of semi-truck breakdowns. Fuel filters can become clogged over time due to dirt build-up, which will reduce the amount of fuel getting to the engine and cause it to stall or shut off unexpectedly while driving. In order to avoid this issue, it’s important to have your fuel filter replaced regularly as part of your routine maintenance schedule. This will help keep your truck running smoothly and avoid any unexpected breakdowns due to fuel problems. 

Electrical Problems 

Electrical problems are also quite common among semi-trucks and can be caused by faulty wiring or bad connections between components in the electrical system. These types of issues can be difficult to diagnose without specialized equipment so it’s important to consult a professional who has experience dealing with these types of issues in order to properly address them before they become worse and require expensive repairs down the line.

Cooling System Issues 

Finally, cooling system issues can also lead to semi-truck breakdowns if they are not addressed promptly. Coolant leaks or worn hoses can cause overheating which can put a strain on other components in the engine leading to it eventually shutting down completely if left unchecked for too long. It’s important that any coolant leaks or worn hoses are taken care of as soon as possible in order prevent further damage from occurring in the future.

Call Our 24/7 Roadside Repair Service in Morris When You Need Us

At J&A Fleet Maintenance, we understand how important it is for trucking companies to keep their trucks on the road no matter what happens; that’s why we offer comprehensive and roadside assistance for all makes and models of semi trucks throughout North America! 

We know exactly how serious these common causes for semi-truck breakdowns can be! With our experienced mechanics just one phone call away, you’ll be back on track before you know it. 

No matter what time day or night, our team is available 24/7, and we are ready and willing help get you back up and running. Don’t let those dreaded breakdowns slow you down – call us today!

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