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Semi truck fleet and heavy duty truck repair and maintenance in Channahon, Morris, Braidwood, Joliet, Gardner, and all of The Southland.

J&A Fleet Repair services heavy-duty commercial trucks to ensure prompt delivery of products and services, and to keep company drivers safe on the road. By delivering top-of-the-line heavy-duty vehicle repairs and maintenance services, J&A Fleet helps local and national businesses stay operational and profitable in The Southland. 

If a company fleet vehicle or semi truck ever needs roadside repairs or heavy-duty truck towing in The Southland, call us at (815) 518-5252 for emergency services. Otherwise, we’re always happy to consult with property managers and provide a two-truck fleet maintenance agreement for just $800 per month, which covers all preventative maintenance consumables on two fleet vehicles.

Heavy-Duty Trucks and Semi-Truck Mobile Repairs

J&A Fleet Repair specializes in heavy-duty and semi-truck mobile repairs, offering roadside fleet repair services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, all throughout The Southland. Our experienced vehicle technicians can fix rigs on the road, minimizing overall downtime. When you call J&A Fleet, we’ll get your drivers back on the road as fast as possible. If mobile repairs aren’t possible, we’ll tow your vehicle to our local truck repair shop for service.

Transmission repairs

If your rig is slipping gears, leaking fluid, or making a concerning sound when you shift, bring it in to our fleet repair shop for servicing. To start, our fleet mechanics will flush the old transmission fluid out and replace it with fresh fluid. Depending on the issue, we may also conduct a sump pump inspection, replace the vehicle’s filter, or even clean out the pan and install a new pan gasket. 

Welding and fabrication

To keep your rig running smoothly, we offer frame rehabilitation, chassis repairs, and other fabrication services in accordance with FMCSA guidelines.

Suspension Repair

Our fleet mechanics will maintain fleet vehicle’s steering and suspension system. An essential service for business owners and fleet managers looking to guarantee the longest possible tire life, best fuel economy, and safe operation.

Before aligning any vehicle, we thoroughly evaluate all parts connected to the vehicle’s steering and suspension. For safety reasons and to achieve accurate alignment, these must be in good working order first.

AC and heating

We can install and service cab air conditioning systems on any big rig. We have the experience, staff, and equipment to get the job done right, from Class 8 heavy haulers to heavy-duty pick-ups.

Whether your truck needs a complete system installation, repair services, or a customized A/C preventive maintenance program, J&A Fleet can assist you.

We are a fleet maintenance company that specializes in fleet air conditioning and heating. We have procedures in place to ensure that your truck air conditioners are in good working order all year long, from preventive maintenance to repair service. These initiatives, combined with our parts availability, ensure that you get the most out of your investment by reducing downtime.

Full-Service Truck Repair Shop in The Southland

J&A Fleet goes above and beyond for everyone who walks through our doors. Some other essential fleet maintenance and repair services we offer at our Illinois locations include hydraulic system repairs, computer diagnostics, electrical repairs, engine repairs, heavy-duty truck towing, and more. 

Our repair specialists can repair and maintain any commercial vehicle. A brief list of industries we’ve assisted include:

  • Rescue and Emergency services– Ambulances, fire trucks, tow trucks
  • Hauling– Moving trucks, dump trucks, excavators
  • Finace– Armored Trucks
  • Transport and Logistics– 18-wheeler trucks and delivery trucks
  • Consumer transportation– Buses

J&A Fleet: Commercial Semi Truck Fleet Maintenance Agreement

All preventive maintenance consumables, including inspection, parts, and repairs, are included in J&A’s fleet maintenance agreement. Spark plugs, wheel bearings, suspension, oil, fluid, brake calipers, alternators, fuel filters, and anything else that touches a grease point all benefit from our preventive maintenance services.

The best aspect about this recurring fleet maintenance service is that for only $800 per month, you get limitless parts and labor to resolve any issue that our mechanics find during their inspection. Total overhauls and electronics repairs are the only exceptions to this agreement, but J&A Fleet Repair would still be pleased to conduct additional services to get your rig on the road. Keep your semi trucks moving with this steal of a maintenance deal in The Southland.

J&A Fleet: Commercial and OTR Truck Towing

Our team tows big rigs, tractor-trailers, excavator dump trailers, buses, RVs, rescue and emergency vehicles, delivery trucks, OTR trucks, and other commercial vehicles throughout The Southland. Our flatbed towing services and heavy-duty winching services are available 24/7 in Grundy County and Will County. Give us a call for roll-over, accident, and stalled vehicle tows.

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