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Loadshift Towing in The Southland

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Loadshift towing in Joliet and The Southland is more common than you think, as a number of trucking companies route their loads through this area, and not all of their loads are safely secured when leaving the yard. This issue is one that trucking companies and drivers of all sizes and skill levels must be aware of. 

That’s because when a trailer shifts its load, it can lead to dangerous situations on the road. And by the time you know, it’s too late to do anything about it. Here are some of the most common causes of load shifting, as well as the potential dangers that can arise from them. There are also ways you can take precautions that you should take to keep the worst from happening.

Loadshift Towing in Joliet: What Causes a Load to Shift?

The first cause of load shifting is unevenly distributed weight. An overloaded trailer or one with an unbalanced weight distribution will cause excessive strain on the hitch and suspension system, resulting in swaying and increased chances of a load shift. 

To ensure that your trailer is not overloaded, you should always check the gross vehicle weight rating (GVWR) before loading your trailer. Additionally, you should make sure that the weight is balanced by evenly distributing heavy items throughout the cargo area. 

Another common cause of load shifting is improper tie-down techniques or inadequate tie-downs. If the tie-downs are too loose or not properly secured, they won’t be able to keep the cargo in place during transit, which increases the risk of a load shift. 

It’s important to inspect all tie-downs before leaving for each trip, making sure they are tight enough and secure enough to hold up under any driving conditions you might encounter along your route. 

The third cause of load shifting has to do with mechanical issues such as worn suspension components and loose hinges on doors or gates. Worn suspension components can lead to a decrease in stability while driving, increasing the likelihood of a shift in cargo position within your trailer. 

It’s important to regularly inspect all parts of your truck and trailer for signs of wear and tear so that you can replace any broken or defective parts before they become a problem on the road. Additionally, if there are any hinges on doors or gates within your truck or trailer, make sure they are firmly secured so that they don’t come loose while in transit. In the case of an emergency, our loadshift towing services can help put things right!

What About Improper Loading

Improper loading techniques can also contribute to a shift in cargo position during transit. This includes overloading pallets with too much weight or stacking items too high without proper support systems in place.

As previously mentioned, it’s important to check GVWR ratings before packing up your trailer so that you know what kind of capacity it has for carrying cargo safely and securely without risking a shift during transit. Additionally, when loading up pallets or stacking items inside your trailer, make sure you don’t overload them beyond their recommended capacity.

Balancing heavier items at lower levels will help reduce strain on other areas within your truck or trailer and can prevent potential disasters down the road due to shifting cargo positions caused by overloading pallets or stacks within trailers. Loadshift towing can help you out of a tough spot, but it’s nice to avoid the situation altogether if possible!

Take Action Before It Is Too Late

Load shifts can happen unexpectedly due to many different factors such as unevenly distributed weight, improper tie-down techniques, worn suspension components, loose hinges on doors/gates, etc.

But with careful inspection before each trip, these issues can be avoided altogether! Understanding how shifting loads occur and being proactive about avoiding them can help companies remain safe while transporting goods across highways nationwide – ensuring both safety measures and happy customers!

So don’t forget – keep an eye out for potential risks associated with load shifts! And if you find yourself out on the road and in need of loadshift towing in Joliet or the surrounding area, give J&A Fleet Maintenance a call!

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